Fraternal Insurance Counselor Program (FIC)

1st Fraternal Designation
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Benefits for FIC designation holders

  • Eligible to join the National Association of Fraternal Insurance Counselors (NAFIC) network of Fraternal Professionals.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with a consultative approach.
  • Enhance product knowledge.
  • Support your organization’s goals.
  • Earn CE credit for FIC courses. After enrolling, refer to your online course to check for CE eligibility in your state.
  • Receive $300 worth of credits toward The American College’s FSCP® designation.

Program Details


Enroll in the program by emailing

Per Course Cost

The FIC designation costs $49.00 per course.

Access to Course

Receive one year of online access for each course.

Printed textbooks

Printed textbooks are available for an additional fee.

Online Exams

Take an online exam for each course.

Exam Retakes

Retake the online exam until you successfully pass the course.

Diploma and Pin

Upon successful completion of the FIC program, a diploma and fraternal pin will be sent to you.

Course Work

Basic Course, Part A: Introduction to Life Insurance
Learn the fundamentals of life insurance and successful selling.

Basic Course, Part B: Ethics for the Insurance Professional
An excellent ethics guide for insurance agents, this course is a balanced presentation of insurance agents’ principle relationships with their culture.

Intermediate Course: Needs Analysis
Presenting the basics of needs-based consultative selling, this course teaches producers to compare a client’s financial objectives to their existing resources. This approach makes the needs for additional insurance crystal clear to the client.

Advanced Course: Introduction to Advanced Markets
This course outlines the concepts producers must understand to move into advanced markets. It explains how to prospect for and get the attention of business owners, as well as discusses succession planning, group insurance, executive bonus plans, split dollar, qualified retirement plans, and more.

Qualification Requirements

To successfully complete the FIC program, all new candidates must meet the following qualifications:

  • Pass the Basic, Ethics, Intermediate, and Advanced final examinations. Exception: The Intermediate and Advanced final examinations are waived for FIC candidates who have received the CLU®, ChFC®, or CFP® designations.
  • Work with current fraternal benefit society for 6 consecutive months. Fraternal benefit societies must be members of the Fraternal Field Managers’ Association in order for affiliated candidates to meet the qualification requirements.


Final exams for these correspondence courses consist of multiple-choice questions. Grades are reported as a percentage of correct answers. Candidates who answer 70% or more of the questions correctly pass the test. Those not passing a test may retest after 30 days and payment of required fees.

Applying for an Exam

  • Application: Exams are included as part of the online course package purchased for each candidate by their society official. No formal application is needed to take the exam with Kaplan Financial Education.
  • Timeframe: Candidates have an online subscription period of one year. They may take the exam as many times as they want until they attain a passing score.
  • Fees: The cost of each examination is the responsibility of the candidate or the candidate’s society.

Exam Administration and Proctoring Rules

  • The candidate shall have a private place free from distractions in which to take the exam.
  • The candidate must not have at hand, or refer to, the study courses or any sources of reference. Exams are designed to be fair and adequate tests of a candidate’s knowledge of the FIC/FICF course materials.
  • The candidate must not see the test questions before sitting for the exam.
  • If the exam is being taken for state CE credit, any state proctoring or other course completion rules will apply.

Reciprocal Course Credit

The College For Financial Planning’s LUTCF® Professional Designation

Fraternal Insurance Counselor (FIC) designation holders receive direct credit for the completion of LUTCF® Course 1: Introduction to Practice Management & Life Insurance. FIC designees are only required to complete LUTCF® course 2 and LUTCF® course 3 to be eligible for the LUTCF® Designation. Additional details on the LUTCF® Program can be found here.

The American College’s Financial Services Certified Professional FSCP®

Upon successful completion of the FIC, students will earn reciprocal credit saving students $302 towards the designation. Credit will be granted for The American College’s FA 202 (Techniques for Meeting Client Needs) if the student has passed the FIC’s Basic Introduction to Life Insurance course.

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