Bill Moore Addresses the Texas FIC

BillMooreBill Moore Addresses the Texas FIC

At the National Association of Fraternal Insurance Counselors (NAFIC) National Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, Bill Moore of Kinder Brothers International, addressed the Texas Chapter of the Fraternal Insurance Counselors.  He shared with the group the role the Fraternal Advisor has as a business professional.  He also talked about the Critical Factors of being a Fraternal entrepreneur and how important it is in servicing the membership and generating revenue for the Societies.   Bill stated, “It is critical in the low investment environment for Fraternal advisors to generate revenue for the Societies.  It is a critical factor in continuing our Societies’ charitable works.”  He also shared the five principles that make a successful financial advisor in today’s marketplace.  Bill can be reached at; 214-458-4154.